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MTP 6650 Portable Radio


Overcoming today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s is no easy task. Especially when it comes to public safety.


The MTP6650 TETRA portable radio is designed to help you do both. With its enhanced coverage, built-in Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology, Wi-Fi readiness, expanded location services and full car kit support, the MTP6650 TETRA portable two-way radio will support your team now and well into the future.


Reach personnel even in marginal coverage areas with Class 3 transmit power. Or optimise your coverage with an open standard SMA connector that gives you the flexibility to use different antennas. There’s also Bluetooth® 4.0 for adding connected devices such as a wireless push-to-talk button or a heart rate monitor. Whether you’re guiding teams into an emergency or allocating day-to-day resources based on location, now you can do it more effectively thanks to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Extend your range

In an emergency, you can’t afford to be let down by poor coverage. So rely on the enhanced coverage of the MTP6650 TETRA portable radio instead. Send voice and data messages and make emergency calls in marginal areas with the help of Class 3 transmit power. Optimise coverage using the new SMA connector, which gives you the ability to switch antennas based on the environment in which your team is working, or when the radio is worn under a protective vest. And with best-in-class receiver sensitivity, operational range can be extended by up to 14%. 

Work wirelessly

Connect to multiple devices with Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology—such as audio, push-to-talk, and sensors. Pair the MTP6650 TETRA portable radio with a wireless push-to-talk button that can be activated without having to reach for the radio. Then, hide the radio in a backpack or underneath clothing for covert operations. Bluetooth® 4.0 also enables partners to develop new collaborative solutions, including biometric sensors that can monitor vital signs.

Create a virtual mobile

Turn your MTP6650 TETRA portable radio into a virtual mobile with the simple addition of the MTP6000 Series Car Kit. Then enjoy hands-free operation along with in-car charging and expanded coverage. The kit uses the car’s own battery, so you can charge your portable on the go without slowing down. 

Manage everyone, everywhere

Optimising resources and improving safety begin with knowing where everyone is. So we designed the MTP6650 TETRA portable radio with the latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), providing access to global services such as GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou. With accurate location data for all personnel, you can mobilise teams closest to an incident. And ultimately, shorten emergency response times. With GNSS you know precisely where to send help if people are in trouble, whether they activate their emergency alert manually or it triggers the automatic “man down” sensor.

Hear and be heard

The MTP6650 makes sure you can hear and be heard even when sirens are blaring thanks to 2W audio output and advanced noise suppression technology. With its Slimport speaker, you receive an even distribution of sound all around the radio wherever it’s being worn. Listen at full volume using the speaker or audio accessories, and experience the clarity you depend on. An intelligent microphone eliminates the need for audio profiles and provides wide dynamic range, making sure your message gets across in the most demanding environments.

Keep information at hand

Access daily briefings, route maps, pictures of suspects or missing children, and more. The microSD card slot lets you easily expand storage and keep critical information at your fingertips, so it’s always there when you need it. Or, use the microSD card slot to boost security, delivering end-to-end encryption for those who require the ultimate in protection.
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