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TETRA App Partner
Motorola's TETRA solution offers secure, reliable and efficient communications customised to meet the needs of different markets. Mission-critical communications demand a system that’s stable, reliable and flexible. With a large installed base and multiple vendor support, we offer a wide choice of products and applications so organisations can select exactly the right solution for their needs.
As the inventor and driving force behind TETRA infrastructure and radios, Motorola Solutions has taken a leading role in the development of the TETRA Standard. This commitment continues today with new products and initiatives designed to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

Portable radios

Motorola offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet unique requirements of markets from transportation to industrial, municipal to public safety.

Mobile radios

TETRA Mobile Radios for Mission-Critical Communications

TETRA Core Network

TETRA Systems for mission critical communications

TETRA Base Station

High performance TETRA Base Stations with low cost of ownership

TETRA Security

Secure your mobile communications with comprehensive TETRA encryption solutions

TETRA Dispatch Console

Motorola's dispatch consoles provide reliable communications to maximize your organisations command center operations.

TETRA Integrated Terminal Management (iTM)

By centralising and automating radio programming, software maintenance and upgrades, our Integrated Terminal Management (iTM) system answers the call for a simplified and efficient approach to managing radios in the field.

TETRA Enhanced Data Services

The growth of data over TETRA is well established. It began with low-bandwidth applications such as Short Data Service, status and location, evolving steadily toward more advanced messaging and data-base lookup applications available today.

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