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MTS1 TETRA Base Station

The small, flexible and yet extremely powerful MTS1 offers network operators a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned.
The MTS1 small rugged form factor, IP66 weather resistant enclosure, and ergonomic offers a wide variety of implementation options. Be it for indoor or outdoor wide area coverage applications, the MTS1 provides complete flexibility, covering wall and pole mounted installations. The MTS1 also ensures complete end-to-end security with full support for static, dynamic and group based air interface encryption, authentication and end-to-end encryption. This level of security is maintained even when there is a site link failure causing the base station to operate in local site trunking mode.

Versatile Applications

The new MTS1 base station offers network operators a versatile coverage solution that is both inexpensive and simple to install and commission, coupled with low running costs. Its simplicity of design lends itself to a variety of new applications, such as rapid deployment and indoor coverage, enabling network operators to provide a seamless “TETRA everywhere” experience to users. With its IP66 weather resistant enclosure, lightweight and ergonomic design, the MTS1 offers a wide variety of implementation options. Whether it be for specialized indoor, sheltered, rapid deployment or outdoor wide area coverage applications, the MTS1 provides complete flexibility, offering wall and pole
mounted installation options.

Designed for the Future

The MTS1 is TEDS Ready - software upgradable to support TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) - the next generation platform for secure mission critical high speed data services. Providing support for E1, IP-over-Ethernet and MPLS, the MTS1 allows the use of the most efficient and cost effective transmission networking technologies available today and in the future.

Better Coverage, Greater Capacity

Without the need to acquire more spectrum, MTS1 enables network operators to progressively expand network capacity through deployment of low powered micro cells, re-using frequencies from more distant wider area cells, without risk of causing unwanted interference. Based on a high performance platform, the MTS1 leverages advanced capacity and coverage enhancing features found on Motorola’s market proven MTS base station range. Key capabilities include:
  • High power efficiency – with its compact and fit for purpose design, the MTS1 may be situated in preferred locations, close to RF antennas, tomaximise RF performance and coverage whilst minimizing power consumption.
  • Capacity management – the ability to intelligently managed traffic between micro cells and wide area cells through the use of features such as Neighbour Cell Broadcast, Preferred Subscriber Class and Valid Sites to name but a few. Resulting in improved trunking efficiency and the avoidance of congestion.
  • Common Secondary Control Channel (C-SCCH) Ready – software upgradable to support additional control channels on the main carrier, quadrupling existing capacity.
  • Efficient indoor coverage – by simply connecting the MTS1 to a localized antenna or leaky feeder system, focused RF coverage can be ensured for indoor environments that are hard to penetrate with wide area cells.
  • Tower Mountable – MTS1 base stations can be installed close to RF antennas, ensuring that cable losses are minimised and thus coverage performance maximised.
  • Best-in-class receiver sensitivity, enabling a reduction in the number of sites required to achieve a given level of coverage.
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